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Sabtu, 15 September 2012

[APP] Front Camera Mirror

Major Update! Supported on all 4.0+ devices now! Nexus7 Mirror is now Front Camera Mirror!

It's official, my first release on the Google Play Store.

Nexus7 Mirror

Posted Image


Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Let me know what you guys think!

Update 7/25/2102: I released a new version today guys. I added a fullscreen mode and a bunch of custom frames. Enjoy!

Update 8/4/2012: I pushed out another new version today. I added Non-Mirror Mode and made a few tweaks to the layout of the menus. There is now the ability to choose themes and I also added a dedicated link to in my info dialog. Snapshots coming soon. Hope you like it!

Update 8/25/2012: Two new versions up on the market, free and paid. I added control settings for exposure and white balance. Made a whole slew of custom icons. Rearranged the GUI a little. Try it out on your other devices! 

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