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Minggu, 16 September 2012

(MOD) Geeky Engine-Boosting Your Android Engine

Geeky Engine is a Script package By Forever King ..It Contains New Features and Iprovements!! And its much much better then some engines.

What can Geeky Engine do ?

Can make your phone 



Some xbin tweaks
Many init.d tweaks
Many ddefault.prop tweaks
VM Tweaks
SD card tweak
Better Battery Life through Battery Tweaks
Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access. | World first smart sqlite optimizing
Increase touchscreen sensitivity
much of prop tweaks

CWM Flashable
Less lags through LMK Tweak and Various VM Tweaks
Almost every tweaks for Android -_-


Phone (android)
2.2 + phone
2-3 MB free space on phone
Rooted phone
clockwork mod or any recovery that can install edify scripted things..
kernel having init.d support. 


See attachments...

How to install 
1.Delete all others script you have installed in system/etc/init.d (open with Root Explorer)
2. Download file Geeky_Engine_By_Forever_King and save to SD Card 
3. Reboot your phone to recovery (CWM)
4. Mount /system and /data (important)
5. Flash Geeky_Engine_By_Forever_King 
6. Reboot your phone..
7. Done

Things to Remember

Having Eclair? try it may work.
work with 2.2+ any phone
will work on CM9/10

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