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Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

MORe v1.4 & Themes for Samsung Galaxy Mini

  • Explanation
    • Apa itu MORe? What is MORe?
    1. MORe adalah custom rom. MORe is a custom rom.
    • Kenapa namanya MORe? Why the name is MORe?
    1. MORe diambil dari kata ROM, dan kenapa MORe? karena orang Indonesia suka membalikkan kata-kata, jadi kata ROM itu saya balik menjadi MOR. Dan terpikir dalam bahasa inggris "more" yang tentunya dalam Bahasa Indonesia artinya "lebih" :D jadi filosofinya adalah ingin membuat ROM yang lebih baik aja, tidak banyak menghilangkan keaslian dari ROM tersebut tapi dengan fitur dan performa yang lebih baik. MORE derived from ROM, and why more? Because people in Indonesia prefer to reverse the words, so "ROM" it becomes "MOR". And i think in English "more" is certainly in Indonesian means "lebih". So the philosophy is to create a better ROM, does not eliminate many of the authenticity of the ROM, but with features and better performance.

    Changelog for V.1.4
    • New kernel
    • Overclocked up to 864Mhz
    • Governors and I/O Schedullers
    • Performance as default Gov
    • SIO as default Sched
    • Added feature StatusBarTweaks (clock, battery,battery bar,signal,transparancy) credit to Parasmi, pvyParts, and RomanBB
    • Boot Animation and Boot Sound from Andro-ID credit to TJ-Style (thanks for permission)
    • Scrolling Cache and Volume Step credit to AndroidON
    • Enable / Disable CRT Animation
    • Changeable lock screen (see patch below)
    • 6x8 Quickpanel layout
    • TouchWiz with transparent status bar
    • 5 icon dock
    • 5x3 app drawer
    • Improve performance
    • MOD some UI
    • Back to ODEX
    • Remove some GoogleApps (you can download it from PlayStore)

    What i remove
    1. Gmail.apk
    2. GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
    3. Quickoffice.apk
    4. Street.apk
    5. Swype.apk
    6. talkback.apk
    7. VoiceSearch.apk
    8. YouTube.apk

    Download here >>
    Patch for lockscreen >>

    If you have deodex your system, try this to enable lockscreen >>

    ================== OLD VERSION =======================

    MORe Version 1 Update 3 (MORe V.1.3)




    ● This is MORe Version 1 Update 3 Overview
    • Based on XWKTN 2.3.6 Rom
    • Overclock up to 864 (Squadzone source kernel)
    • More governors
    • Adb as root
    • Deodexed
    • Busybox
    • Superuser + binary
    • Ext4 Filesystem as Primary
    • Support for Ext2/3
    • Enabled Ramswap (init.d)
    • Zipaligned (init.d)
    • No-frills app added for sliding Frequencies
    • ICS Bootanimation
    • S2E App2sd
    • Hosts by adfree
    • resolv.conf
    • dbus.conf
    • slaidy boost
    • 14 Status Bar Toggles (lidroid)
    • Swipe to Remove Notification
    • Extended Power Menu (Reboot,Recovery & Download)
    • CMScreenshot in Power Menu (Removed silent mode)
    • Removed stock screenshot
    • Added Tweaks For Faster Performance (from emanoN)
    • Mms app with skin chooser and various limitations removed
    • Dsp Manager
    • Updated GApps
    • Root explorer
    • More locale language (include Bahasa Indonesia)
    • Multyread font (DroidSans)
    • New Call Receiver (from stock)
    • ICS Animation
    • New Battery Percentage with increment rate of 1%
    • Crt Screen Off and On Animation
    • Arabic Patch with RTL Fix
    • Tweaks revert to MOReV1
    • Compatible with KIES
    • Fixed market force close
    • MORe Parts mod from emanoN Parts

    For installation:
    1. You must Flash your phone with Android 2.3.x firmware from the official page (
    2. You must have ClockworkMod Recovery
    3. Tartition your sdcard (optional)
    4. Download ROM and Extract and save it on the root your SD card
    5. Reboot your phone into the ClockworkMod Recovery
    6. Wipe your Data and Cache
    7. Format System
    8. Select "install zip from sd" and chose the ROM you have downloaded
    9. Enjoy.

    Credit & thanks to:
    1. ALLAH
    2. tj_style for Inspiring me
    3. parasmi for Tweaks (i took from his ROM) and inspiring me
    4. SlaidyBoost-V2.3 from slaid480
    5. Hansip87 for swipe to remove notifications
    6. lidroid for quick panel
    7. Member of Partychat Lil'G squadzone, bintel and Others for Supporting me (sorry i can't mention)
    8. Google
    9. Hit 'Thanks' to them also if you like this ROM!

    For screenshot:
    see this link

Kumpulan Themes untuk MORe:


Ini hanya modif statusbar background saja tapi dah support logo.

Link :

Install lewat CWM.

2.Satu lagi Theme untuk MORe dari agan Semz Seventh :
SS :

Link :

Seperti biasa install lewat CWM.


"Cloudy buuf" only for MOReFlash via cwm extra: buat semua yg bantu n ga bisa disebut satu2 :p sorry klo ga "WOW" maklum nubi :)Enjoy


"theme Poek" for More instal Via CWM/Recovery


5."Dark Mint" for MORe v.1.3 install via CWM

6.theme MORe Indonesiaku by Tri musketter



'' HoneyMORe '' For MORe V.1.4 instal Via CWM + Update

8.UnknownV2 for MORe v1.4 by Thareq Maulana Akbar

-BootAnim & BootAnim Sound
-Charger Connection Sound
-SystemUI support logo by Semz Seventh
-And Many Things...

9. eMORe1.4 by YudhiezChitilieaz

Links :

Sumber: Official Lil'G Facebook

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